Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt (Coarse)

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Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt (Coarse)

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Trapani Sea Salt is handcrafted from traditional salt pans along the famous “Salt Road” in Sicily. The crystals are the first to “bloom” on the surface of the salt ponds and retain valuable nutrients which add delicate flavor to the salt. We prefer to use this salt when preparing any whole muscle salumi such as Coppa, Lonza, Culatello etc... It is excellent in salami preparations too, but we feel the spices could overwhelm the subtle nature of the salt. This is why our rule is good salt, high quality pork, and time reign supreme.

This batch of crystals are coarser, and will require you process them down into a fine powder for salami recipes. Blender or food processor works very well...

For salami:

2.25-2.75% based on your preference


For whole muscle our preference is:

2.75% by the weight of the muscle

3-3.25% for larger whole muscle like Prosciutto and Culatello.


Sold in 1# and 5# bags.

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