Size #20 Bulk Bag (25 ea.)

Nets 5.jpg
Nets 5.jpg

Size #20 Bulk Bag (25 ea.)


These are some custom manufactured, unbleached cotton nets we had made with a sewn bottom for some added support and elegance.

3-Stitch refers to the strength of the net weave. This is the strongest! There are 3 different specifications: 3, 5, and 7 stitch makes. The higher the number, the weaker the weave. You'd think the higher the number, the greater the strength...but that is simply not how the manufacturers say it. We wanted the strongest out there, so we went 3-stitch!

Each piece has been cut to 14", which is long enough to work with most whole muscle lengths when butchered properly. This specification of a size #20 net that's 14" in length means that when stuffed to capacity its diameter will stretch to 5.5" and stretch to a length of 14".

This particular net works very well for larger muscles like Coppardo (coppa with the entire neck fat cap still attached), Bresaola, Sirloin Hams, Lonzardo (lonza with back fat cap still attached) etc... Basically, this net is a great general use for larger muscles with an estimated diameter between 3.5-5.5".

Use in combination with a muscle stuffer, or by hand. It is much easier with a tabletop stuffer, obviously...

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SIZE (Net) 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 28
Max Fill Diameter 3" 3.5" 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5" 6" 6.5" 8"
Flat Width 1.5" 1.8" 2.2" 2.5" 2.8 3.3 3.8 4.1 4.5
Length Cut & Sewn 14" 14"
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