Alfonso Esposito Marinella Hot Italian Pepper Paste

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Alfonso Esposito Marinella Hot Italian Pepper Paste


This is Alfonso Esposito brand hot Italian pepper paste. We say "Italian" because the peppers used in this paste predominantly come from Calabria, but also are sourced from Campania, Puglia, and Basilicata. This particular paste is very spicy, and not for the faint of heart! The flavor is amazing, and a great product to use in salami such as Soppressata di Calabria, Salsiccia Calabrese, and in some recipes for 'Nduja. Not limited to those, but this pepper purée goes great in fresh sausages, pasta dishes, and sauce bases. These pastes are generally used in collaboration with Calabrian pepper powders and whole peppers that have been ground with the meat, or you can even add the Calabrian flakes we carry.


Sold as seen by the can.

1 jar = 890g of product


If making Soppressata di Calabria with this jar of hot paste, these percentages of pepper paste will yield you:

(by weight of the meat)

(percentage paste = pounds of Soppressata)

1% = 198# 

2% = 99#

4% = 49.5#


Generally 4% is the maximum addition added, so if you wanted to play with the percentages you could do so by adding half hot paste and half sweet to equal 4%. You could also cut these percentages down as well to the 2% range for a higher yield with no compromise to flavor. 


When using in collaboration with pepper powders it is important to remember that if you go above 2% of powder the texture of the Soppressata will suffer greatly, as the particles will interfere with the bind of the meat as it dries. This causes the salami to be crumbly, and when you slice will fall apart. It is our recommendation that you keep pepper powder products to a max of 1.5% in any mix or combination of hot and sweet to avoid this textural issue.

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