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New packaging! Soon we will be working to get a lot of the products in the store as you see below. They are induction sealed under the cap too with a foil cap to preserve the quality of the product. Happy to be moving this direction! Hope you are too!


Back in stock!

il Magnifici del Mezzogiorno has dissolved as a company in Italia, but we went right to the source farmers and worked with Scalzo to bring the Wild Calabrian Fennel Seeds we all love back!


While it may be a different name it is the same great product we have always sold. Scalzo Conserve brand is the highest quality hot Calabrian pepper powder we carry, and much more complex than our Imepa pepper powder.


We've used it when making mild versions of our inspired Soppressata di Calabria, and used it as our sweet percentage in 'Nduja. Available in limited quantities as it is hard to stock! Scalzo Conserve brand is the highest quality sweet Calabrian pepper powder we carry, and much more complex than our Imepa pepper powder.

Finally back in stock! After many, many months of waiting for the new harvest of the best Calabrian peppers we can get our hands we are happy to say they are back in stock and available to you for purchase. Essential, but not limited, for making Soppressata Calabrese or Nduja...

We also have some new sizes of La Dahlia Pimentón de la Vera available!

Stocking a smaller 13 oz tin, as well as a large 5 Kg (11#) bulk foodservice bag.

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New November Products!

Offering a new, all-natural alternative to Sodium Erythorbate; VegStable™ Cherry 515 Powder. Use it the same way you would the synthetically-derived Erythorbate in your recipes! Also, we are stocking a new gluten-free meat binder that is derived from citrus fiber; TEXDRY® LC Citrus 5101 powder.

new september products!

We are excited to announce some new additions to the Natural Casings section of our store! We are now carrying Hog (Sow) Casings, True 52mm Plus size; 45/50mm Beef Middles in 18m hanks, and some 4-4.5" Beef Bung Caps.

New July products!

Everything to make the best Chorizo or Sobrasada, in our opinion. We are so happy to finally carry what we feel is the best Pimentón de la Vera available and real, imported Piquillo Peppers from Spain...none of that stuff from Peru. Pair the Pimentón with the Piquillo Peppers made into a purée, and stuff into the classic Beef Rounds that we have Cut & Tied for you for convenience.

Expanding our line of Natural Casings!

New Natural Casings!

We are carrying some new casings now! The left are some Sewn Fabric Lined Hog Bungs, and the right is a Hog Stomach. Both of these products are very unique, and facilitate the making of some amazing products!

Now carrying Fabbri Amarena Cherries!

New Small Tools!

We now stock beautiful all-metal 4oz. capacity brine injectors, as well as these amazing ring style twine and casing cutters!

Szechuan Peppercorns now back to the store!

Offering bulk bags of Italian Oregano as well!

Lots of new products Now available!


We now carry a full line of VacMaster Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Stocking Weston Pro Series Meat Grinders and Meat Mixers now!

Custom manufactured unbleached cotton nets that have been CUT and SEWN for added product support and elegance

Pariani D.O.P. Sicilian Pistachios and Savini Tartufi Black Truffle Sea Salt (3% Black Truffle)

Pick yourself up a fly new hat or custom hardwood iPhone Case! #pigmerch

In Stock now! 

A full line of pH measuring products by Hanna Instruments

Exclusively at the Pantry!

Natural, European Hemp Spolette (hand spools) in various sizes on wood bobbins

Twine 7.jpg

New product!

Whole muscle salumi color and flavor development culture

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